A small land of many beauties that Lonely Planet has ranked among the top 10 global
destinations. It offers everything large ones have. And much more. From snowy mountains to the sunny coast, from hills dotted with vineyards and flowery planes to Gothic churches, baroque palaces and historic castles. With its incredible mix of landscapes and climates, its small territory is the scene for endless ways to spend a wonderful time. This is certainly the most authentic in nature, as it is rightly considered as one of the greenest countries in the world. 

The most …
• Postojna cave is the most visited underground cave in Europe.
• In Maribor lives the oldest vine in the world. 400-year-old velvet black still annually produces more than 25 litres of wine.
• The ski jump in Planica is the largest in the world, which hosted more than 60 world records in ski jumps.
• Chimney of the power plant in Trbovlje is the highest industrial chimney in Europe.
• In the Slovenian folk and cultural traditions witches have a special place, so Slovenia also boasts an extraordinary number of local magic assemblies.

What else to do?
• Walk along the Ljubljanica River which during the day reveals the European dynamism of Ljubljana and in the evening, the view over it is changed into an inspiring architectural postcard.
• In Piran see the sunset, falling into the sea. Unforgettable.
• Try and taste Slovenian wines. You will not be able to stop.
• Take a turn in the Soca valley and test your adrenaline in rafting, canyoning or downhill bikes.
• Explore the many castles and monasteries scattered across the country.
• Let yourself be pampered in one of the natural Spas or boutique hotels.

Are you kiddin’ me?
In Ljubljana, anyone can sleep in a former prison – the known hostel Celica has even been called the “hippest” hostel in the world by the Lonely Planet.

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