Game of Thrones is an action role-playing team building based on novels by George R. R. Martin, and in part also on the TV series HBO, Game of Thrones.

We  challenge  your  team  to  crack  the  Team  Code.  Teams  gather  information,  reproduce  photos  and create artworks to lead them to the “Iron Throne” of Team Work. 

A dramatic outdoor problem solving team building event with cryptic clues, a scavenger hunt and photo challenges that put teams’ creativity and sense of adventure to the test.  Teams  visit  locations,  gain information, complete the tasks… A highly exciting and fun environment is created with  many  teams competing  for  the  same  information  and  points.

This  team  building  program  emphasizes time  management,  communication,  creativity,  problem solving and FUN

When planning an incentive travel, organisers are always looking for new destinations, unique and authentic programmes. We were looking for some unique programmes in the region of South-East Europe and we ended up with more than 130 proposals that are now published in the KONGRES INCENTIVE IDEAS GUIDE. 

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