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Q: Have you always wanted to work in the meeting industry?
I wanted to become a Salesman when I was a child. I found it so interesting working with different clients and their different needs. Later the Meeting Industry became the most interesting part of tourism for me and still is.

Q: Why is your destination/country the best in the world?
I was born in a different part of Austria, but ever since I lived here in Salzburg, I call it my hometown. It’s not that I feel at home very quickly, but the people here made me feel that way.

Q: What would be the first thing you would show every visitor to your country?
Nature-wise I would show them the giant Ice Caves and Krimmler waterfalls, which are the largest in Europe. History-wise it would be a tour through the Residence Palace, the vault with Mozart’s handwritings or the big fortresses. But I would definitely make a stop at Red Bull Hangar-7 and at the Museum of Modern Arts, too.

Q: What has been your star moment so far and your favourite project with which you would praise yourself?
I prefer to praise my team about our clients’ feedback. My personal highlight might have been my first congress bid for an important international congress of a UK-based association. It was a tense and tough project, but a thrilling moment when I got informed that we won the business.

Q: What motivates you the most at work?
When I gained a strong or long lasting client relationship where both sides work together. Ultimately, it’s the point when our clients understand that we work with them and not just for them.

Q: In what way do you deal with stress?
Over the past years I have a more relaxed view of things. But I make music and work as a volunteer for some associations. That helps me to gain a new perspective of things.

Q: What will be new in your business in 2014?
Salzburg has many new and re-openings, large scale investments in event resorts as well as new infrastructure for which we built up a multi-channel-communication in order to reach out to new clients.

Q: What did you learn last week?
That Salzburg is worth going that one step further than other CVBs do.

Q: Where will you spend this year’s holiday and why?
It might sound a bit odd, but it will be Salzburg. I travel so much, that it’s most relaxing staying here. Together with friends, we rent a lakeside house in Salzburg’s lake district and spend a week there, doing nothing but eating local fish, having a glass of fine wine and having fun at some Red Bull Events like Air Challenge.

Q: If there were no time and financial constraints, where would you go?
If this is about my holiday, I just answered it. It’s not about “how much it is” it’s about “how good the money can be spent” to aim for good quality. That might also be a reason why I’ve been working for the destination for nearly six years.

Q: What would be the title of your autobiography?
Lifelong learning and innovate through experience.

GERNOT MARX, Deputy Manager, Salzburg Convention Bureau

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