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Photo Credits: Carnet de Voyage

Rumour has it there are curious sculptures of Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars, hidden in the Zagreb´s street puzzle, and yet many fail to find them all! Yes, Zagreb has its own grounded solar system, cool, ha? Croatia´s capital has always been fond of astronomy, and puzzles!  The Central sculpture – the Grounded Sun, the replica of the original artwork of Ivan Kozaric, is placed in the heart of city centre,  In the year 2004, nine planets -stainless steel rounded sculptures-, called Nine Views (Pluto was still (was still not considered?)considered a planet at the time), were “grounded” in Zagreb´s metropolitan area reflecting the scale of real astronomical bodies by another artist – Davor Preis. Intervals and dimensions of the “grounded” planets are proportional to actual distances of planets from the Sun, considering the diameter of the Grounded Sun sculpture.  Almost a decade after its first ground control spin, we invite you to accompany us for a serendipitous experience of Zagreb street puzzle solving with Zagreb Space Walk.

Great planet hunt trough the streets of Zagreb.

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Photo Credits: Carnet de Voyage
Photo Credits: Carnet de Voyage


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