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Hotel Park was considered to be one of the largest hotels within the administrative breadth of the former Yugoslavia. It is located in the heart of the largest city park and just a stone’s throw from the Novi Sad Fair. It is accompanied by an interesting history loaded with interesting stories. Supposedly it got the Congress Centre for the New Year’s Eve celebration of President Tito in 1977 and due to this the hotel was fully reconstructed. Supposedly also at that time Tito and Jovanka had fun together for the last time!

Novi Sad is a user-friendly city of about 400,000 inhabitants and because of this the transportation and orientation in the city does not pose any major problem. It’s not far to the city centre with a taxi, and compared to Europe the taxis are very cheap. The hotel is right next to the Novi Sad Fair and because of the excellent signage you can’t miss it. A great advantage of the hotel is a giant parking lot, which takes 400 cars. The main airport for access to Novi Sad is Beograd, which is become a leading aviation hub of the region. To Novi Sad you will then need just under an hour.

COLD APPETIZERArchitecture and Aesthetics
The hotel building is gigantic and modernist, but its hard edges are softened by the greenery of the mighty park in which it is set. This is a typical hotel building as they built them under socialism, but inside you’ll find a completely different hotel style, which could be dubbed Neo-Baroque. The main problem of such a spatial arrangement is that it appears somewhat archaic – heavy colour combinations and gilding at every step. In addition, the mighty entrance hall is quite dark, due to the choice of furniture, which at least for our assessors appears just a little too heavy. The quite confused style continues into other areas and interesting architectural surprises await you at every corner of the hotel.

The weakest part of the hotel offer is the catering. Whilst the receptionists are trying hard and stand out with their exceptional kindness, the same can not be said for everyone working in service. In addition, the breakfast is mediocre and not up to the hotel categorisation. This is especially true if you are a vegetarian and would want a little bit of a larger selection of fruit and vegetables. The same is true for the a la carte restaurant and unfortunately, as far as cuisine is concerned, we have to recommend going to some of the top restaurants in the city and on the city’s Riviera along the coast of the Danube River.

MAIN COURSE Congress hotel offer
If you are expecting hotel rooms of a modern design you will be surprised. The rooms, which are certainly clean and well-maintained, are from a bygone era. It is hard to find such bedding in modern hotels today. In addition, the size of the rooms is outside of the present standards. The bathroom is small and not very well equipped. The entirety appears out-dated, but maybe precisely here lies the charm of the hotel.
The stronger part of the offer is the convention centre, which has seven halls. Among them two halls are in the form of an amphitheatre, and there is a large banquet hall in neo-baroque style. The congress centre offers a wide range of options and, also because of the affordability, is an excellent choice.

DESSERTAdditional offer
The nostalgic Tito’s saloon with the preserved, authentic furniture, in which the Marshal celebrated New Year in 1977.

Despite a detailed explanation of how it works at the reception, the Wi-Fi did not work. The solution: a classic cable connection.

Value for money compared to congress hotels in Europe is very good.

Vrednost glede na ceno je v primerjavi s kongresnimi hoteli v Evropi zelo dobra.

The hotel leaves mixed and conflicting impressions. For the interior equipment you either like the hotel or you don’t. It appears like a kind of retro where you found yourself in the 1970s. In addition, the Serbian categorisation is clearly different from the European standard – following these meetings standards the hotel would have earned a solid four stars. On the other hand, it has a very wide offer – everything from spa centre to casino and several congress halls. For complex events is now virtually the only choice in the city.
To clients who need this type of a hotel, Hotel Park will definitely fit the bill. Those who are more demanding will probably leave it feeling disappointed. Therefore, it is for those who want such a type of hotel, and for which the ratio between the final price and content is important. The hotel has a number of reliable trump cards, among which are its offer of range of facilities, location, convention centre and usability.

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