18th Slovenian wine festival
18th Slovenian wine festival

From 19th and 20th of November 2015, Grand hotel Union will host already the 18th Slovenian wine festival. Previous to the festival from April to October, Viva il vino, a new wine and culinary series of events were held at Grand hotel Union.

Once a month the log-standing partners, Slovenian wine festival and Grand hotel Union, invited connoisseurs and wine lovers in Grand Hotel Union to taste and buy exceptional wines. The wine selection was accompanied by Grand Hotel Union’s culinary selection and musical acts. Every night only five wines were presented by the five winemakers that shared the secrets of the exceptional taste of the chosen wine.

This November Grand Hotel Union will host the two-day festival that aims to present the wines of Slovenia and abroad and spread the culture of wine drinking. Every year the Slovenian Wine Festival gathers the catering industry, managers of restaurants and hotels, business guests, media, salesmen, owners of wine cellars, winegrowers and wine producers, sommeliers, oenologists, members of wine associations, members of wine brotherhoods, wine knights, wine queens and wine lovers.

The Festival offers something for everyone who sees wine as business, passion and love or is eager for knowledge about wine. The Festival is for everyone who appreciate the hard work of wine producers and winegrowers and who see a professional challenge in wine. Due to their various and quality tastes the Slovenian wines receive much attention.