Ljubljana Marathon, organised by the Ljubljana City Council, is the biggest sports and recreation event in Slovenia. Organised on the 25th of October 2015, The Volkswagen 20th Ljubljana Marathon was run by almost 18,000 professional and recreational runners, celebrities and even regional meeting players, all testing their endurance and running speed.

Held in Slovenia’s capital of Ljubljana, one of Europe’s smaller capital cities, the Ljubljana Marathon is a massive running event with more than 15,000 finishers in three races: 10, 21 and 42km. It is the only event that stops the city bustle and turns Ljubljana’s streets into a scenic running track – the new marathon course introduced last year is a single loop course starting and finishing in the city centre.

Every year the event is gaining greater national and international visibility; one could even say that it is becoming a running festival that everybody wants to join. Although many like to say that the important thing is to participate and not to win, the Ljubljana Marathon record was broken again this year. Limenih Getachew from Ethiophia finished the 42,195m course in an amazing 2 hours 8 minutes and 22 seconds. Many well-known Slovenians also joined the run. Among them was also the President of Slovenia, Mr. Borut Pahor, who every year proudly takes on the 21km course.

Trying out their fitness level were also many meeting players, who were happy to share with us the unique feeling of running the Ljubljana marathon.


Nuša Šolar, Sales Promotion Manager at Union Hotels

Q: How does it feel to be running the Ljubljana Marathon?
The special atmosphere gives you wings!

Q: How did you start running?
I sometimes need to escape from everything and for me the best way is to run it off and clear my head in the woods J.

Q: What words of wisdom would you offer new runners?
If you think it’s suffering, just try and you’ll be surprised, because you’ll love it!

Kristina Jurjevec, Marketing Manager at Catering Jezeršek

Q: How does it feel to be running the Ljubljana Marathon?
It seems as if Ljubljana lives and breathes for this event. I cannot imagine not being part of it. We plan our attendance at least since the summer. The Ljubljana Marathon fills the city with unbelievably positive vibes! You would not believe how many friends from all over Slovenia I met while running. It is just so much fun!

Q: How did you start running?
I started running after my knee injury while skiing. The doctor advised me to strengthen my quadriceps muscles. Since I lived quite far away from any gym, I started to walk and run in the forest nearby. And then I slowly progressed to longer distances.

Q: What words of wisdom would you offer new runners?
At the beginning, combine your running with walking. This is the best way to progress. To feel the maximum pleasure run with your heart, not with your watch.

Željko Vrhovac, Assistant Sales Manager at Best Western Premier Hotel Slon

Q: How does it feel to be running the Ljubljana Marathon?
I think that for everybody it is very special because all the runners are really motivated, enthusiastic and you can feel the team spirit and also the individual effort. For me as a local it is even more special, as you can run through certain areas of Ljubljana where you would never run and once again you get the confirmation that Ljubljana is one of the most beautiful cities.

Q: How did you start running?
It is more or less connected that I like all sports activities, especially those in nature. I have started combining an outside workout with running in intervals and from time to time I also feel a need to run longer routes.

Q: What words of wisdom would you offer new runners?
Just start with any kind of run and later on you can study what would be better, how to progress, etc. Do not wait, do not complicate things, do not ask, just set up an early wake up call, have a quick coffee or anything you like, and start to run.

Miha Kovacic, Director of the Slovenian Convention Bureau

Miha Kovačič, Director at the Slovenian Convention Bureau

Q: How does it feel to be running the Ljubljana Marathon?
It’s a magnificent feeling, as the whole city belongs to the runners. There is so much positive energy throughout the city. Everybody is supporting the runners. You can see progress every year. 42km is a long way, but it’s a joy being part of this experience every year. I’m already looking forward to the 21st edition of the Ljubljana Marathon!

Q: How did you start running? 
I started running to overcome the stress of my daily work. It started 13 years ago. I started with few kilometres, then at one point I managed 10k and I still remember the day. I was running with a friend, two laps around Lake Bled, and I was so tired the next day, but a year later I managed a half marathon. Eight years ago I decided to participate in my first half marathon and four years later it was 42km, and this year it will even be a mountain marathon (which has added another running dimension). Since then I run several marathons every year and will probably never stop participating. It is such a rewarding experience to participate in one.

Q: What words of wisdom would you offer new runners? 
Just do it! You will never regret it and never stop doing it. Every beginning is hard, but it does pay off. It is also the cheapest medicine, motivation, energizer, problem solver, idea generator and so much more. Even better than sex.

Mojca Gobina, MICE Department Manager at Bernardin Group Resort & Hotels

Q: How does it feel to be running the Ljubljana Marathon?
Running is my life-style; it’s a gift and a privilege. The Ljubljana Marathon is the running festival:

  • It’s (my) tribute to sport that brings together professional and amateur runners, running fans of all ages
  • It’s my final annual running event, which shows the results and quality of my running season
  • It’s adrenaline at its purest, although I´m not a professional runner (it is just my addiction)
  • It’s a crossroads between business and private life
  • It’s an event that over the years has built a strong “brand value” and every runner is pleased to add it to the personal running reference list
  • It’s becoming a topic of discussion, even in the business/meetings world.

Q: How did you start running?
It was in 2007 and together with a group of friends from the world of tourism we went on a boat-cruise across Dalmatia. Every morning the female part of the group went for a run. This was when I first realized that running can be magical. We reviewed the points of interest and merged running and culture. Since then, running has become my way of life and becomes magical when you exceed the length and your training becomes your own place to explore and challenge your limits.

Q: What words of wisdom would you offer new runners?

  • Keep it fun – find your running venues and name them, combine terrain (stadium, road, trail), engage with the surroundings (listen to the sounds, see the nature, listen to your mind),
  • Build up endurance – we all start at the beginning. My first steps were a combination of Nordic walking and running (trace of 7 km – 3.5 running and 3.5 Nordic walking),
  • Help yourself with music – make your running playlist, try to find your running buddy
  • Have your support team – with running you build friendships. With a running buddy you are able to challenge your limits, weather conditions, to make every training session a social event. When you keep your loved ones up to date with your training and progress, you have a support network to keep you going and motivated.