If you haven’t had the chance to experience the charm of sitting in the Grand Hotel Bernardin’s 11th floor open-air terasse, offering a sweeping panoramic views over the blue horizons of the Savudrija bay and the Gulf of Trieste and sipping that first morning coffee to prepare yourself for a new busy meetings day, you probably don’t know that beside the views and the warm sun caressing your face, Grand Hotel Bernardin offers one of the best coffee services in Portorož-Piran area.

The vast variety of coffee drinks served at the hotel is similar to the offer you get in one of the biggest coffee consuming cities in the region, the italian neighbor town Trieste. Machiatto, cafe latte, esspresso, cappucino, cream coffee … you name it and you will get it.

Not only coffee contains stimulating ingredients (caffeine) that awaken our central nervous system but it also contains nutrients (minerals and vitamins) and antioxidants that protect our immune system. Recent studies also confirmed that drinking coffee makes us literally smarter, as it improves mood, reaction time, memory, vigilance and general cognitive functions.

To emphasize the importance of coffee drinking in the SEE region the Conventa trade show invented the motto for the event, which is “Have a cup of coffee with us”. Why? Because the ritual of taking your time for a coffee break creates a relaxed atmosphere where better personal contacts between hosted buyers and regional exhibitors are established.

And this year’s Conventa trade show coffee breaks were provided by the Hotel Bernardin group, which served the delicious Illy coffee accompanied by three different chocolate sweets (with nuts, dark chocolate and lavande). During the event it is estimated that over 2.500 cups of coffee (each of them for free) were served at coffee breaks, so everyone at Conventa show had a first-hand experience of the Bernardin Group’s professional services with added personal touch. And they certainly were – professional, personal, kind, sweet and relaxed. As the show closed and the meetings finished, everyone left with an overall feeling of satisfaction and success. Lots of new partnerships and new contacts were established, maybe even new friendships. Do you think the coffee had anything to do with it? We think it had :).