This winter time GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre, the largest convention centre in Slovenia comprising of 20 multifunctional halls that occupy a surface area of 12,323 square meters, has turned its outdoor area into an ice rink.

Over the past months the amazing Ice Park Lucky was a hotspot for icy incentives like skating, figure skating, team bonding over curling and also the venue of a heated ice hockey match where Slovenian media houses and business partners showed their best imitation of the famous Wayne Gretzky.

Those who were looking for a teambuilding activity that actually benefited their team chose a fun winter incentive in Ljubljana. The Ice Park Lucy ran by the leading Slovenian company in the field of skating and rollerblading Lucky Luka, offered a number of relaxing or competing activities on a regular size ice ring as well as fun times on ice slides throughout the whole winter.

Many companies tried their team spirit by playing a game of curling where a great deal of strategy and teamwork went into choosing the ideal path and placement of a stone for each situation, and the skills of the curlers determined how close to the desired result the stone achieved. Those who preferred a more active bonding like the leading Slovenian media houses tried their hockey skills and owned the puck. They shot, scored and won and by doing that bettered their communication, strengthened their bond and produced better results. The team of GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre has successfully tackled the team of POP TV, one of the leading Slovenian media channel. The friendly match was a great farewell as the ice park will be closing its doors for the season.