Tourist board of Dubrovnik announced on 6th August a 2 Million overnights registered, which was 4 days earlier than in year 2015. This fact shows that Dubrovnik is again having a successful season and according to current results and announcements will most likely realize 3 Million overnights stay sooner than in 2015.

Dubrovnik Tourist board monitored all the activities from 1st January 2016 until 6th August and in that time reported 586,221 arrivals which means an increase of 10 % and 2,003,433 overnight stays which is 12 % more than last year. Most of the guests came from United Kingdom, United States, France, Germany, Croatian, Sweden, Spain, Norway, Finland, and other countries. Data on tourist turnover were obtained using the system eVisitor and according to the received check-in and -out of tourists through the system for listed period and did not include data on sailing tourist traffic.

Trace of organized tourism in Dubrovnik goes back to year 1887 with opening of the Grand Imperial hotel with modern facilities and the records show that the same year the first International conference was also held in Dubrovnik. From then onwards the development of tourism went much faster, and in a more organized way at the beginning of 70’s.

Since 1979 Dubrovnik is in UNESCO register as protected World heritage and city with a population of 42 461 and 1,300 inhabitants that live in the old walled part of the city, has all together 33.563 beds with all hotels, private accommodation, camping, marinas, villas, hostels and others types of accommodation.

At this moment there are 23,571 guests staying in Dubrovnik.