Interview with Mr. Ahmet Olmuştur, The Chief Marketing Officer

Q: How do you assess the meetings industry market in South East Europe and what are the biggest trends impacting on it?
South East Europe is a very important market for us. We are providing access to the region with reasonable connections from all over the world – Asia, Afrika and the Americas by covering all of the major hubs in the region. When it comes to meeting industry, we know that the region carries a lot of potential. We already have some good dialogue we have established with convention bureaus and important DMC’s in the region. And we are constantly exploring new opportunities by extending out partnerships.

Q: How would you define Turkish Airlines philosophy towards meetings industry?
Turkish Airlines is very aware of the importance of the meetings industry. This is why we have a department and multiple products dedicated to providing services to international meeting planners and attendees. We have a Turkish Airlines only meetings product called Turkish Conventions. We have received some very positive feedback about the product and our services. But of course, we carry on constantly improving our products in line with the feedback provided by sector professionals and meeting attendees.

Q: Where has the bulk of your business wins come from in the last year?
We took part in many different international events, varying from Far East to North America, as the official airline partner but our biggest business pie belongs traditionally to Europe when it comes to meetings industry



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