MYTH 1: Conventa is the world’s first trade show.

PARTLY CONFIRMED: Conventa is always the world’s first – the first to open the trade show season, that is. It is traditionally organised every January.

MYTH 2: Over the years Conventa has hosted around 1,000 hosted buyers and facilitated 10,000 meetings.

BUSTED: In seven years Conventa has hosted 899 exhibitors and 1,716 hosted buyers. Over the years 21,160 one2one meetings have been held during the show.

MYTH 3: Conventa helps meeting planners and meeting providers save money

CONFIRMED: Only at Conventa can an investment of 55 EUR bring hosted buyers a VIP treatment worth 1.200 EUR, while exhibitors pay only 9 Euros for a lead, which is one-tenth of the price paid by the exhibitors at other major trade shows.

MYTH 4: Conventa only accepts meeting providers from South East Europe.

BUSTED: After Conventa opened its exhibition floor to meeting providers coming from New Europe in 2015, exhibitors from Turkey, Greece, Azerbaijan and Russia have joined the show.

MYTH 5: Coffee at Conventa is on the house.

CONFIRMED: Conventa invites every guest to a cup of coffee. In 2016, over 2,500 cups of coffee were served by Bernardin Group Resorts & Hotels, sponsor of the coffee break.

MYTH 6: Conventa is a hosted-buyer driven show.

CONFIRMED: Conventa is solely a hosted-buyer driven show where every exhibitor concludes on average 24 One2One meetings with quality hosted buyers.

MYTH 7: The number of destinations at Conventa has not increased over the years.

BUSTED: The number of countries meeting providers come from has doubled over the years.

MYTH 8: Hosted buyers at Conventa are always the same.

BUSTED: At Conventa around 82% of buyers are new every year.

MYTH 9: The idea of Conventa was a strategic decision made at a partners meeting

BUSTED: The idea of Conventa was born in a more relaxed atmosphere – not while drinking coffee, but while drinking beer!

MYTH 10: Conventa exhibitor stands are made out of wooden crates.

CONFIRMED: Conventa stands are made of wooden crates from naturally dried domestic pine that are re-used each year. It takes around 3,200 wooden crates to set up all of the Conventa stands.

MYTH 11: Conventa strives to be as sustainable as possible.

CONFIRMED: Conventa is fully committed to reducing the negative environmental impacts of a trade show by implementing sustainable practices that add value to every participant and the local community. In 2011, Conventa won the Sustainable Stand Award at EIBTM.

MYTH 12: Hosted buyers and exhibitors are satisfied with Conventa

CONFIRMED: On a scale from 1-5, average satisfaction of hosted buyers with the show is 4.59. A whopping 88.9 % of exhibitors think investment in exhibiting at Conventa will pay off completely or at least partly. The reputation of Conventa has been rated with 4.52 points.

Conventa Trade Show

MYTH 13: Hosted buyers travel short distances to come to Conventa.

BUSTED: The farthest distance a hosted buyer travelled to come to Conventa 2016 is 9,212.69 km.

MYTH 14: It never snows during Conventa.

BUSTED: Conventa loves winter time. Did you know that in Ljubljana the snow is typically at its deepest on January 25, with a median depth of 12.5cm; the depth exceeds 30.9 cm only one year out of ten. The snowiest Conventa was the 5th Conventa.

MYTH 15: Once in a while people also fall in love at Conventa.

CONFIRMED: Conventa is a matchmaking platform in every sense of the word. A hosted buyer from Italy who met a buyer from Russia at Conventa 2015 is now getting married to her in Slovenia.


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