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In the past year, ETC Adriatic has been carefully watching the responses of participants in domestic and foreign markets. They have found the 7 hot teambuilding topics for this year.

1. Culinary events
Cuisine and everything to do with food and drinks is »in«. For instance, teams can build their own food stands, create their offer and arrange it for sale. The participants have to be well organized under the pressure of time and apart from cooking skills they have to focus also on marketing and sales skills.

ETC Adriatic’s

2. Use of technology
How to attract and motivate millennials? The use of new technologies is very welcome for this, but we must not get carried away so it isn’t the sole reason to attend the event.

3. Business simulations
Constant turmoil in the business world demand a constant competence development. The participants are equipped with real tools and real challenges. The goal is to generate results in a very limited timeframe, if you want under stress. Team coordination and communication are strengthened through this.

4. Glamping
What, if we organize your next multi-day team building in nature so you sleep in a mobile home, tent or on a tree? Multi-day events in nature deepen relationships, trust and enable a better insight into the team.

5. Yearly planning of events
Educational, fun of recreative events? The right combination of everything in optimal sequence, events have to be carefully planned with the organization goals in mind. A bit of everything in the right proportion.

6. Charity
Ever wanted to give something back? Charity projects have immediate positive effects as the participants see the results of the activity on the spot. They also improve the reputation of the organization and how the employees sees it.

7. »Non-business« competence development
Do you want your employees to learn how to manage personal finances, eat healthy, be in top condition? This are all areas that can also contribute to your employees getting better in all aspects of life.

Do you see yourself in these trends?

Matjaž Jug
Managing director


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