inOrbit 2017
Photo credits: inOrbit 2017

inOrbit conference was held from 9th until 10th of March in one of the finest congress venues Slovenia has to offer – Brdo pri Kranju. It hosts numerous gatherings, conferences and political events every year and one could not ask for a better location for the conference.

Photo credits: inOrbit 2017

inOrbit is not intended for hard-core advertising specialists only – many lectures focused on the strategic aspect of digital business development as well. There was an opportunity to learn from the best and about the hottest topics in digital marketing: growth hacking, marketing automation, consumer behaviour, predictive analytics etc. As expected, the conference offered a great combo of topics, speakers and insider information. This year, numerous of great speakers were present too. If we name just a few: Larry Kim, founder of WordStream, Yehoshua Coren, founder of Analytics Ninja, Liraz Margalit, head of behavioural science at Clicktale and Subir Majumdar, who works at Google’s European Headquarters in Dublin.

Nowadays, people believe that everything is at our fingertips, and maybe it really is. What keeps us from the best material is an overwhelming amount of data, which we often cannot crack. inOrbit conference can help one to cut through the irrelevant content and to deliver the best ones possible.


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