Jan-Jaap In der Maur, founder-moderator at Masters in Moderation

Jan-Jaap, Founder-Moderator at Masters in Moderation from The Netherlands says he will dive deep into the meeting design, in order to truly understand the set-up and how he should act, every minute of the day. Find out more in this interview.


Q: What do you love about your job the most?

That I can help people do great things and change things for the better.

Q: Where do you see the biggest opportunity in marketing and MICE industry?

Listen and help each other, instead of selling and sending information.

Q: How do you deal with marketing jungle on daily basis?

I simply follow my gut feeling, rather than having a strategy.

Q: How did the best events you attended so far make you feel?

Best events are full of adrenaline.


Q: Looking at your bucket list, what is the one thing that you really wish to cross off until the end of 2017?

I don’t have a bucket-list. I prefer the “fuckit list”: things not to put energy into.

Q: If you could have dinner with anyone (alive or dead), who would you have dinner with and why?

Myself at the age of 18. I would promise myself that life will be great, if I won’t take it too seriously.


Q: What would you share with our participants if you would have only one minute?

Listen to each other. Ask questions. Try to really understand, what makes the other one happy.

Q: What are you bringing to Conventa Crossover?

My love for every opinion, every participant and every human being.


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