Srečanje izvršnega odbora FEP; Svetovni vrh knjige / World Book Summit 2011; Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, 31.3.2011

More than 300 participants from 30 countries will participate at ENCALS 2017, the European conference to cure ALS disease, taking place from 18th to 20th May 2017 at CD Congress Centre Ljubljana, Slovenia. ENCALS meeting 2017 in Ljubljana is organized by European conference to cure ALS disease, together with the local organizers, the Ljubljana ALS Centre, Institute of Clinical Neurophysiology, University Medical Centre Ljubljana and Slovenian Society of Clinical Neurophysiology. The first day of the conference on 18th May will start with a lecture on the role of complexes of protein and RNA molecules in ALS by successful young Slovenian Neuroscientist Prof. Jernej Ule, who leads a research laboratory at University College London. This year’s event is surely taking place in positive spirit and atmosphere since after two decades of disappointments from the negative results of clinical trials, some new treatment options in trials have shown at least some effect on the course of the disease and one such research will be exclusively presented for the first time at ENCALS meeting 2017 in Ljubljana on Thursday, 18th May 2017.

dr. Blaž Koritnik, Head of Slovenian Organizational Committee, Ljubljana University Medical Centre

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a devastating disease that is still lacking an effective cure and with this kind of events, the professionals thrive to discover better treatments, especially since the research advances in recent year shows some truly good hope that ALS will eventually become a preventable and treatable disease and the fact that after more than 20 years ALS community gained some positive clinical drug trials which are promising new treatments in the future. In the next 3 days, all until 20th May 2017 they will share their knowledge, experiences and work through thematic sessions, plenary lectures and poster presentations on improving the future treatments of this devastating disease.

ENCALS meeting 2017 is without a doubt the place to share the knowledge between International researchers and clinicians and make new professional connections that can eventually lead to collaborations saving the ALS patients in the future. The annual conference chose Slovenia as the event location in terms of its great location in the middle of all the major European capitals, its rich historic and cultural heritage and professional services of CD Congress Centre Ljubljana, the legendary institution that began the Slovenian congress industry development and is today on its way to become one of best European congress centre.


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