Cannabis is the oldest cultivated and healing plant known to mankind which has throughout history served as an invaluable source of food, fibre raw material and medicine, but the knowledge on its healing benefits have drastically decreased over the last decades. The initiative for cannabis demystifying has been organising seminars on cannabis and its use since 2013 in Ljubljana, Belgrade, Skopje and Zagreb and this year’s conference in Ljubljana is held under the honorary patronage of the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Borut Pahor, giving it additional national support and much needed recognition.

The purpose of 4th conference which will gather more than 400 participants is primarily to gather relevant new knowledge which could be useful for doctors, pharmacists, veterinarians, legal and other experts, politicians as well as the broader public in Slovenia and is aimed at facilitating future decision-making. The interactive conference will serve with plenty practical information and knowledge shared by top-level experts which will introduce the most recent knowledge about the medical use of cannabis in different countries, from USA, Canada, Israel, the Czech Republic, etc. The conference will be held at GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre, Slovenian leading convention centre, located in the Ljubljana’s centre, simply a perfect base for discovering beautiful city that is becoming one of the most popular European capital attracting leisure and business guests. In 2016, Ljubljana marked a year of statistical record with 9 % increase of overnight stays and the strategical position in the middle of Europe with great conditions for great congress destination has also been recognized by an internationally known PCO, Dekon Group which announced their partnership with GR by opening its joint offices in Ljubljana.

The 4th Slovenian conference Demystifying Cannabis uses the event to shed a light on cannabis and its use in all segments of life, particularly in medicine since the “controversial” topic that has gone through some sort of a revolution in recent years. With that help, the cannabis receives greater needed attention in the media and public awareness through this kind of events with main goal to demystify the whole cannabis as only the drug, but also representing many of its positive effects. The conference Demystifying Cannabis represents a step forward informing the public on the diverse and wide area of using cannabis and its final goal to accept the cannabis as a medication will as soon as possible, accessible to everyone who needs it.


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