Summer time is already in its full swing, with hot temperatures bringing summer holidays for most of the people. GR is no exception – their GReat congress team is using the summer time for a short break, collecting new energy for projects ahead – mostly preparing for executing two international congresses in September 2017, the EABCT 2017 and EUROSON 2017.

The 47th congress of the European Association for behavioural and cognitive therapies (EABCT) will be taking place from 13th to 16th September 2017, with Ljubljana and GR hosting the congress, reflecting the motive of the event to bridge dissemination with good practice and case studies, following the 2016 EABCT in Stockholm, Sweden. The second autumn congress is the 29th EUROSON 2017, with a compact and intense educational content, focusing on new developments in science and education and renowned speakers from all across Europe will provide state-of-the-art lectures and live demonstrations. Participants from all over the world will come to Ljubljana and explore the charming city from 22nd to 25th September 2017.

Until then GReat congress team wishes you a little bit of Ellas’ Fitzgerald summer time easy living with fish jumping and cotton high :).


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