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The iconic symbol of Bled’s cuisine is the Kremšnita, a delicious and world-renowned cream cake. In Bled’s Hotel Park, the cream cakes have been prepared since 1953, when master confectioner Mr Ištvan Lukačević started to make them. Ištvan was the head of confectionery at Hotel Park and was eager to make the perfect cream cake – the good news is that he succeeded. His final recipe was a ratio of paste to cream of 1:2 and a 7 x 7 cream cake base, a form that remains the same today.

They say the secret of the delicious cream cake is in the fresh and local ingredients, prepared in this idyllic environment. That approach probably also helps with other popular desserts, such as the Blejska grmada, a local adaptation of a foreign dish, and the hazelnut potica with figs, which can be found at Potičnica Restaurant on Bled Island, acknowledging the figs that actually grow on the island.

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With all that sweetness going on, would you be up for a visit to Radovljica, a “seriously sweet” city just 20 kilometres from Bled? The city is home to the Museum of Apiculture, which offers a wide range of honey and apiculture products, including mead, honey brandy, honey liqueur, honey beer and honey-flavoured sparkling wine. It goes without saying that the sweetness of all these honey products can also be found at Bled, but it’s well worth seeing their source too.

If it’s time for some nectar to clear the sweetness from your throat, then it’s time for some locally made spirits, so let us recommend the delicious gorenjski tepkovec (Gorenjska tekpka pear brandy) made in the nearby village of Zasip! There’s a special story behind the tepka pear that goes back to the time of Mother Teresa, a time when every house had its own orchard with pears so that the juicy fruit could be served to passers-by, as was her command. If anyone dared not to plant pear trees, they ran the risk of a sound beating – from here the name of the pears, tepke!

Photo credit: Bled Convention Bureau

You’ve now been sweetened and refreshed, so that seems like the ideal time for some wine tasting, which means it’s time to make your way up to Bled Castle and pour yourself some Castle wine in the ancient and original way. At the wine cellar you can also taste the Rajsko vino (Paradise wine) from a unique vineyard that was first produced in honour of the 1000th anniversary of Bled in 2004, and later again in honour of the 1000th anniversary of Bled Castle in 2011.

Dober tek in na zdravje! (Bon Appetit and cheers!)


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