With peak tourist season, tourist destinations all over the world are eagerly tracking the number of visitors. Slovenian and Ljubljana’s tourism office surely has a good reason to smile – in June they generated 12 % more overnight stays than in the same time last year and in the first half of 2017 Ljubljana generated 14 % increase in overnight stays.

In 2017, 577.216 tourists stayed in Ljubljana overnight, with 137.369 overnight stays generated in June. Tourism information centre was visited by 42.084 tourists in June, 18 % more than in the same time last year. City also organized a fair number of guided city visitors (5268 tourists in June), tracked 91 % growth in Tourist card Urbana Ljubljana sales and 73 % growth in tourist gift shop sales.

Tourists and locals at food market Open kitchen. Photo credit: I feel Slovenia

Numbers in June are surely forecasting another great summer season for Ljubljana that is becoming increasingly popular. An important aim of Tourism Ljubljana due to increased tourism demand is of course keeping and increasing the quality of tourism offer and generating higher consumption. June was an important month for congress tourism as well, with Ljubljana hosting 1600 delegates of 16th World Congress in Fetal medicine.


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