From 25th to 27th of August you’re invited to Bled Bike Festival, biggest bike festival in Slovenia with the toughest mountain bike race in Julian Alps. A unique bike event in the form of a three-day festival with main competitions, Bled Bike Epic and Bled Bike Marathon taking place on Sunday, 27th of August.

The organizers of the event say, that they are on a mission to energize people with our passion for biking. They help every rider experience the joy and freedom of biking around Julian Alps, Bled and Slovenia. Each contestant will have to overcome 2.904 meters of height difference on Epic route and 1.710 on Marathon route. The both Mountain Biking Marathon courses are technically challenging and at the same time offer stunning nature with glacial valleys, intact forests and high plateaus.



Best places to stay at Bled during the festival:

A nice option to stay during the festival is in one of the Sava hotels, great both for leisure or business guests: Grand Hotel Toplice, Hotel Park or Hotel Golf. All the hotels are conveniently located near the Bled promenade.

The festival will contribute to develop biking tourism in Slovenia, that has been on the rise in recent years. Biking culture in Slovenia is strong, with both city biking and mountain biking rooted deep in Slovenian culture.


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