You have to try it to believe it

Entwined by many myths, caviar is well-known as a culinary drug. Good caviar doesn’t need artistically-created dishes to shine but instead impresses the palate of any gourmet with its own, unique flavor. Each year, in autumn, the unique char caviar – which is now well known beyond Carinthia – is harvested. Using a specific process, developed by the Sicher family, the caviar is preserved in a completely natural way. The “Sicher Carinthian Caviar” is of course offered in the Sicher restaurant but is also featured as the “star of the menu” in many other high-end restaurants both in and out of Austria. Michael Sicher, the head chef says that every now and then, a pure spoon of caviar is a delight for one’s well-being, you just have to make sure the spoon is big enough.

Best time of the year:All year round
Duration:Until you eat all your caviar
Location:Tainach, Austria


Fish restaurant Sicher LP
Muehlenweg 2
9121 Tainach, Austria
+43 4239 2638
+43 4239 2638 2


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