Have you considered having an outdoor picnic, party or any other corporative event and the current high temperatures got in a way? Cosy and innovative ambient in Marmorna Hall, one of the biggest halls of GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre is properly tempered in this hot summer days and also cold winter days and all in between. Effectively using the daylight or darkened for the night and more private events, it offers a unique and attractive surrounding for mingling, chats, music, dance and first of all culinary experience.

One of their last events that has used the best of the hall amenities and cooperation’s with their best partners were social events of the 16th World Congress in Fetal Medicinethe welcome reception, standing and minimalistic event where the delegates met each other in a relaxed ambient, enjoying delicious food and live concert with Dovč&Gombač duo and their unique interpretation of the Slovenian ethno music. Or the gala dinner with its special concept – creating a feeling of an Italian, wooden cantina, with live music and excellent food, enabled the participants to enjoy the experience. The feedback was amazing and the organizers and delegates were fond of the transformation they have witnessed.

True versatility of GR halls can create literally different venues and that is one of their best advantages. So, event planners and companies considering some out of the box and creative ideas – are you ready for GR team that will make your event truly remarkable? :)


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