Photo credit: Nea Culpa, photo library of Ljubljana Tourism

Slovenia’s largest congress venue, Cankarjev dom – Cultural and Congress Centre Ljubljana (CD), has for the year of 2019 announced as many as 20 high-profile scientific and professional meetings. CD’s congress season is these days kicking off with a large-scale event – the 21st ESSM (Congress of the European Society for Sexual Medicine). The ESSM, taking place in CD’s halls between 14 and 16 February, has attracted over a thousand specialists from around the globe.

Head organization of sexual medicine is the International Society for Sexual Medicine – ISSM. The reason for the development of the field has been the development of drugs to improve sexual function, but today the sexual medicine connects and includes also insights from the field of scientific treatment of sexuality in other disciplines. Its purpose is more comprehensive treatment of factors affecting human sexuality. Section for sexual medicine of Slovenia (Society for Sexual Medicine of Slovenia – SSMS) is part of the ESSM.

Photo credit: Cankarjev dom

Gabrijela Simetinger from SSMS noted for Kongres Magazine that the organizational team decided for Cankarjev dom as the venue for the ESSM Congress due to CD being “the only institution in Slovenia which meets the requirements for hosting such a big congress and we also know that it does not disappoint.” The purpose of the ESSM congress, Simetinger added, is to remind the general public about “the right to sexual health” on one side, and on the other to remind the professionals that they are “obliged to ensure the people with this right while being aware of the ethical and legal responsibilities in the sexual practice of medicine.”

Sexual Medicine is the science that deals with the influence of psycho-physiology, intimate relationships, social and cultural factors, developmental effects, sexual orientation and diversity, gender identity and between-sex differences in sexual function. At the same time, it is interested in the sexual experiences of men and women of all ages, both individually as well as in the context of partnerships. Sexual Medicine aims to improve sexual health with prevention, diagnostics, treatment, and rehabilitation. Its aim is to restore or improve sexual function, sexual experience optimization, and welfare of personal as well as interpersonal satisfaction in sex. And since love can also be a part of sexual life and health, we could say that there is no surprise that the 21st ESSM Congress is this year held in the country that has love in its name – sLOVEnia.