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The mansion is named after the original castle Štatenberg, who stood in the place of Stari Grad, located approximately 5 km from Makole. The luxurious baroque mansion stands in city Štatenberg, in the municipality of Makole. The mansion started to build Attems counts, probably at 1696 and ended between 1720 and 1740. Planned by the Italian architect Camesini, is designed so, that consists of four two-story wings with an open staircase. Pillar hall is on the ground floor, Knights’ hall is on the first floor. To the left of the Knights’ hall are five preserved salons with beautiful frescoes. They representing the museum part of the mansion. On the right is a wedding hall, where you can carry out civil wedding.

Mansion is surrounded with chestnut trees and interesting plants. Near the castle lies the natural forest.

Photo credit: kraji.eu

Photo credit: kraji.eu

Makole is the central area of the county Makole. Here is worth visiting St.Andrew church and church of St.Leonard. Makole can also be the starting point for a journey through Forma Viva, where stands sculpture made by famous artists. Nearby is Jelovec where is a cave Belojača and gorge with a waterfall Šodergraben with possibility of climbing. Hilly areas of Stari Grad and Jelovec are leading us through wine road with many vineyards and cottages. In Stari Grad are the ruins of the original castle Štatenberg from the 12 century. Over a century ago was mansion Štatenberg labeled as a modern manor house, two-story high building, surrounded by parks, with a large, two-story Knights’ hall, 40 rooms, a larger number of kitchen, with nice big chapel and sacristy, prisons, stables and over 34 m deep well. Today the mansion is attraction and also an offer for other activities. Ponds provide fishing opportunities and tranquil corners of intact nature. In the vicinity of the castle is a point for paragliding and a great view of the surrounding Haloze. On the ground floor of the mansion operates a restaurant that offers Sundays and festive lunches and dinners. The staffs also take care of business meetings, parties and beautifully performed weddings. Castle cellar have on rent Winegrowers Association Makole. Castle ponds are managed by angling Štatenberg. Tourist Association Štatenberg had set up a multi-purpose hall (formerly the castle café), a tourist information office and ethnological collection of old farm objects and images of surrounding and preserved farms. Tourist Association also guides tours through the mansion.


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The sign of artistic creativity comes to life especially in autumn, when the painters are hosted here. The mansion is very beautiful and magnificent and suitable for all who wish to learn about Slovenian cultural heritage and is one of the few in our country, which is so active. Due to its beautiful design and very interesting frescoes, is among the most beautiful baroque palaces in Slovenian.

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