KULT 316
KULT316 is a unique and very typical example of the modern educational practices occurring in the fields of catering, tourism, food and nutrition. The new premises of the Biotechnical Educational Centre Ljubljana, covering 1,300 m2, offer the opportunity for students to gain practical experience in real learning environments, as they are open to the public. Students of the Biotechnical Education Centre Ljubljana participate in event organization, whereby the hall serves as an education platform for the fields of the meetings industry, tourist animation, or other related fields.

In 1960 the GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre hosted a car Exhibition and for the occasion decided to expand their facilities by building a new pavilion, designed by the Slovenian architect Mako Šlajmer. Amongst locals the pavilion quickly adopted a special, cute nickname – “Jurček” (deriving from the Slovenian expression for mushroom, jurček – Boletus edulis) – due to its specific architecture with a circular floor plan and mushroom-like construction…

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