Contractor: Lifetrek Events d.o.o.
Client: Johnson&Johnson Slovenia
Date: 16th of March 2010

At the annual regional “kick-off” event Johnson&Johnson employees were invited to a Culinary Bazaar in the Vila Prešeren in Bled, which was transformed for the event.
The word Bazaar stems from Persian and means the centre of trade, business and social events. So a March trip to a sleepy Bled was livened up with smells, colours and life.
170 participants attended the bazaar; their job was to make 16 different meals devised into 4 different themes. Fresh recipes and a thrilling environment made sure the participants prepared the food with much creativity and zeal. The bazaar was of course also a place of trade, negotiation and degustation. In the end we found a winning team, which created a wonderful culinary experience and was also efficient in sales. The Culinary bazaar turned out to be an excellent, useful and fun business event with a lot of positive energy and team synergy. The event continued by the sounds of music under the shiny tent till late in the night.

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