Contractor: Maya team, Borut Nikolaš s.p.
Client: The Netherlands Embassy Ljubljana
Date: 26. 5. 2010

Wonderful weather, hidden places of Slovenian coast and the memorable city of Piran enabled us to create a professional team building program for the embassy of Netherlands in Ljubljana. The program was custom made for the client, as many times before, it included a mixture of teambuilding and incentive programme. This time with a Mediterranean flavour and adapted to the client’s needs, since goals needed to be reached and team relations refreshed. During the program the participants were kept tense since they didn’t know when and where a new task will arise. They were actively encouraged to use new communication and organization skills. For successfully solving the team tasks the participants gained a prize in the form of a boat trip and a fish picnic in the hidden part of the Piran Soline. After carrying out the analysis of the program (using the “practise to practise” model) we agreed the program exceeded expectations. The biggest realization was finding that trust within the team is in fact the biggest advantage of winning teams.

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