Contractor: UniCredit Bank Slovenia d.d.
Client:: OKEJ team
Date: august 2009

UniCredit Bank Slovenia d.d. as sponsor of the UEFA Champions League wanted to hold an event with a football theme without scaring off the female employees. They entrusted the organization of the event to OKEJ team, which has original and unusual ideas for events. They turned a classic men’s game into a program which put women in a frenzy as well. 
The football theme started in the parking lot where two animators – dressed as football referees directed traffic and gave out joke yellow and red cards. The participants were then greeted by the Chairman of the Board, but they had to pass a test first – they had to score a goal. Interestingly quite a few men had trouble with this task.
The football tournament was set in a very unusual and attractive way. In the qualifications the teams had to try out in the so called “UniCredit square” – where four teams played at the same time with 4 goals and three balls. You better believe it was fun for the participants and audience.
In the semi-finals teams played “knights football” where they had to stuff a ball made of fabric into a hole in the middle of the field.
The final game was decided by women – teams were formed to include at least one woman in each team. They then competed in “Ladies football” where only the woman was allowed to score a goal with a giant ball.
To complete the football story the winners received the “UniCredit Golden Cleats”. This was another case of an event where a sport can be moulded into a fantastic business event.

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