The recent opening of the restaurant at Ljubljana castle represents the fulfilment of a long time dream, which was well worth the wait. An ambitious culinary project still in progress, has brought together two top-level institutions – Restaurants As and Hiša Franko from Staro Selo near Kobarid, and promises an upgrade in the next year when the opening of a restaurant with high level gastronomy is planned.

If you are among those who awaken their memories through taste (like the famous Madeleines in Prousts In Search of Lost Time) or are nostalgic for you grandma’s culinary masterpieces, the solution is simple: take a hike to Ljubljana castle! The menu represents the selection of typical Slovenian dishes prepared by modern recipes and accompanied by a wide selection of Slovenian wines.  Fresh and quality ingredients are most important and mainly local, the dishes are adapted to the season, so high quality is available for affordable prices.

Or like in the introduction of Gostilna na gradu: “The smells of the olden days from the stoves and fireplaces of are grandmothers, are now coming from our kitchen: Karst jota, Histrian bobiči, Prekmurje bograč, Fried chicken wings, Idrija žlikrofi, Primorska calamari, roasted anchovies… Slovenian gastronomy is a gastronomy of regions. And that’s how we see it as well. Three large European cultures – the Alps, the Pannonia plain and the Mediterranean go hand in hand in our kitchen: Prekmurje gibanica, Bled cream cakes, Kobarid dumplings.
We swear by carefully chosen ingredients, biological produce and healthy food. We only use the best olive and pumpkin seed oils, meat of Slovenian origin, vegetables and fruits from the market, wines from the cellars of Slovenian wine makers. Making homemade dishes requires skill and knowledge. These have been passed on to our young chefs by three masters who have changed our views on food with their creativity and have captured the attention of the world’s gastronomic public: Ana Roš and Valter Kramar from Hiša Franko and Svetozar Raspopović – Pope from Gostilna As.
Slovenia boasts a rich culinary culture with its 24 gastronomic regions and 178 typical and distinguishable dishes based on a large palette of tastes. That is part of the reason the kitchen at Gostilna na gradu will smell differently every week.
Gostilna na gradu, which can seat 70 guests inside and 200 in the shade of the castle outside, is open every day. The restaurant can be hired for business or other special events; we also offer catering for events held in other venues at Ljubljana castle or at other locations.

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