Contractor: Maya team, Borut Nikolaš s.p.
Client: DHL Global Forwarding Austria GmbH
Date: 10.–11. 9. 2010
Location: Tolmin, Slovenia

The second weekend in September Posočje played host to a team building programme for DHL Austria, Slovenia and Croatia. The goal of the programme was to improve communication among employees on different levels and in different countries. On the first evening the participants got to know each other with the help of local culinary achievements and a great band. After a long night, a whole day programme of team work in different locations of Posočje followed. In the morning four teams were formed with the help of “Icebreaker” games. Each team chose a leader. Their job was to make sure their team was better than the competition, with the emphasis on communication, motivation, trust and team spirit. The client wanted the tasks to be challenging, dynamic and attractive, so many participants quickly tired. Yet in the end team spirit prevailed and all of them were the winners. After analyzing the team we carried out another homogeneity test also used by NASA and confirmed the DHL team successfully fulfilled the requirements of the programme and reached its goals. The next episode will be carried out in the winter in another one of Slovenians winter wonderlands.

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