In mid July, Ljubljana Tourism has launched the Urbana – Ljubljana Tourist Card, which is a functional upgrade of the original Ljubljana Card, a tourist pass introduced six years ago as the first product of the kind in Slovenia. Conceived as a smart card containing a RFID chip for card validation and free admission, it enables visitors to explore Ljubljana’s major sights and experience the city in a comfortable way and at the lowest cost.

The goal of Ljubljana Tourism in relation to the Card is to strongly enhance the image of the city’s tourism offerings by marketing them under a joint arrangement. The Card is intended for both foreign and domestic visitors, and it can be a helpful »personal assistant« also for conference delegates or accompanying guests who are spending a few days in Ljubljana.

Within the card validity period, which is 24, 48 or 72 hours, the Urbana – Ljubljana Tourist Card entitles visitors to free unlimited travel on Ljubljana city buses and one ride using other means of transport (funicular to Ljubljana Castle, tourist train, tourist boat, bicycle rental). The Card also provides one free admission to each of the city’s museums, galleries (13 institutions) and other tourist attractions, as well as some of the services provided by Ljubljana Tourism (a guided city tour of the cardholder’s choice, digital tour guide hire, internet access).

Detailed information about Urbana – Ljubljana Tourist Card, including the cost-saving benefits, is available on the website at The Card can be purchased from all Ljubljana’s Tourist Information Centres and a number of other locations, as well as online.

The prices are €23.00 for a 24-hour pass, €30.00 for a 48-hour pass and €35.00 for a 72-hour pass.  Conference / event organisers who consider ordering a certain number of cards are entitled to discounts.

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