Mobile phones are no longer merely a tool for chatting and sending short messages. With the ongoing development of mobile technology our perception of mobile phones has changed as well. These are now high-performance, multimedia devices which connected with fast mobile networks, offer many services in communication, business and entertainment.
The development of mobile technology has added value for the user as well as the companies who are smart enough to use its potential.
The question arises: Is it possible (and how) to use mobile potential for advanced communication with meeting participants?
The answer is yes. Studies of the needs of meeting participants have shown they want a quick and simple means of informing them on the events. Their clearly structured needs for information can be met by using mobile technology.
When introducing mobile technologies to new areas, we need to pay attention to the specific needs and habits of the users, since we want them to gain added value from the experience. The solution should not present itself as a burden for the user, since this could lead to the users avoiding it.
For the needs of the meetings industry a mobile portal proved to be the most adequate solution. The portal would include all the materials the participants need. We’re talking about web sites designed especially for the use on mobile phones (mobile web sites). These do not include unnecessary elements and make sure they are clear and don’t take too long to load. Only key information, valuable to the user should be displayed.
The participants use their mobile browsers to connect to the mobile web site of the convention or other event. The home page offers some navigation options. By choosing a certain link the user is redirected to requested content (hotel, event, city guide, invitations to additional activities). The information flows both ways: from user to user. The user receives the requested information via SMS or by downloading files to his mobile phone. The users may submit the following information and thereby influence the content: setting their location (when navigating to the hotel, through the city, points of interest), settings of notifications (notifications on schedule) and other contents they choose as their favourites.

The company gains a new marketing channel with a mobile portal, where they can market their additional offers. For example, they can market the restaurants near the convention venue.
Mobile technology could represent a fresh breeze for the meetings industry and make sure they have the competitive advantage and technological innovation.

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