otel Triglav in Bled set a long term goal to increase culinary and wine culture. These goals are pursued through the Cooking school of chef Uroš Štefelin and house events where traditional meals prepared in a modern way are introduced. The events are enriched with commentary of beverages makers and with a musical – cultural programme.  They are aware of the connection of the hotel to its history and surroundings. They aim to introduce a wholesome feeling of the destination to their guests through complex programmes.

The magazine Vino invited its readers to a series of events called “Unforgettable evenings”, which are organized with trusted partners. The event is entirely planed by the partner.

The guests of the Unforgettable evening were introduced to hotel Triglav and Bled through time and space. By preparing the programme the hotel aimed at fulfilling the long-term goals of the tourist development of Slovenia. The programme was designed so it can always be offered to clients who wish to prepare a vintage experience of Bled for their guests.

The programme is adjusted to the number of guests and the desires of the client.

1.    Reception of the guests at Bled-Jezersko train station with spirits from Trsegvav farm from Zasip, “flancati”, “potica” and bunt cake along with a greeting of Mr. Janez Fajfar, mayor of Bled.
2.    Departure of the train towards the lake, introduction of “pletnar” boatmen, a ride with the “pletna” and a meal at the other end of the lake.
3.    A walk of the guests to the hotel garden and an introduction of the history followed by a meal.
4.    A tour of the house wine cellar with a lecture on Slovenian wines by sommelier Damir Salkič.
5.    Continuation of the evening at Restaurant 1906 at Hotel Triglav.

The program was enriched by a game of the Magazine Vino on the topic of Bled with prizes contributed by hotel Triglav.
The contents were upgraded by an exhibition of old hotel brochures and artefacts from the old Triglav.

The guests of the Unforgettable evening are richer for an experience on key events in Bled’s history, traditional Slovenian cooking ingredients and different wine cultures in the area of Austria-Hungary.


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