Official name

Pustolovski park Bled

Location (and distance from Ljubljana)

Straža nad Bledom (60 km)

Short description

Pustolovski park Bled is a climbing park set in a forest containing 5 different climbing courses with different difficulty levels. The park is aimed at individual visitors, suitable for families as well as larger events.



Pustolovski park Bled

High elements

The park consists of 68 climbing elements at 5 different difficulty levels.


Price per participant – individuals

Children:  13 EUR, adults: 18 EUR  


All instructors hold ERCA licences.

Professional teambuilding programmes

They implement the programmes themselves and in cooperation with outsourced professionals.

Special features

Top-notch location above Bled provides for interesting team building experiences. Besides the park they offer a summer adrenalin slide.

The park’s advantages

Location in Bled.


Via chairlift.  


By the park.

Other sports/entertaining activities (in a radius of 1 km)

Summer adrenalin slide, Bled lake, rowing

Tourist destinations (within a radius of 1 km)

Bled castle, Bled island


Brunarica na Straži directly by the park

Closest accommodation

On location – hotels in Bled.

Closest congress facilities

On location – hotels in Bled.

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