The participants from the international corporation Fluke came from all over the world and mostly didn’t know each other, so the programme was mainly aimed at getting to know one another, relaxing and having fun. Hotel Austria Trend offered all the required support for the organisation of a completely new programme – Giant fun with giant games. Maya team set a backdrop where two Slovenian winemakers and Slovenian gastronomy was introduced as well as a course which led all the 220 participants into a world of childish laughter and fun. The reaction was great and the participants were surprised. Once again it turned out the simplicity of games disarms all participants despite their different origins.
The next day the guests visited Postojna, took in the beauties of Karst and later arrived in Radovljica to the gala dinner. Maya team once again proved their creativity by surprising the guests on buses when their guides played different and amusing roles of hitchhikers in the middle of Ljubljana. You can imagine the surprise and the laughter of the guests when they realized the hitchhikers were their guides. On the way from Radovljica the guests took part in a “Happy quiz” where the best participants received prizes of Slovenian making. The two-day event was a success and fully met the expectations of participants according to the German representative of Helms Briscoe. 

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