ExcessDNite was an invite-only event hosting only the chosen ones that were welcomed by the world most famous herbal liqueur Jägermaister. Light cubes, prestigious atmosphere and attractive girls with trays full of ice cold refreshments turned the ExcessDNite party in one of the most visited and popular parties of this year. Under a giant disco ball, the chosen visitors awaited the arrival of the big S who, in a more than two-hour set, lifted the spirits of everybody – the Slovene elite and other guests.

Among all the lovers of good house music and the almost cult cocktails, such as Jäger Fresh and Jäger Q, ExcessDNite has been one of the most frequent used words in the last few weeks. In the new spaces of GR-Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre that saw a successful premiere of the first event of this type, literally the whole Slovenian elite gathered and celebrated the annual event ExcessDNite Second Edition. For one night, the space turned into a spectacular scene of a hot party full of visual and sound effects. This year, the party was promising and successful in fulfilling the expectations of all those favouring the world’s most known herbal liqueur. The party was a delight also for all those eager to feel house rhythms by one of the greatest icons of house music, New York DJ Roger Sanchez – Stealth, who played a more than two-hour exclusive set for the prominent guests.


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