During the 7th assembly of the Slovenian Convention Bureau the company iDMC carried out a team bonding for SCB members. In cooperation with brewery Pivovarna Laško they prepared a new team bonding programme, which included elements of the local environment and presented one of the oldest traditions in Slovenia – brewing beer. The trail through the brewery followed the path of the king of beer to the basement, where participants tried to taste the difference among various beers, to the filling room, where they counted bottles. The most interesting points of the trail were definitely the beer tasting and a recreation of a beer advertisement. In their photos the groups tried to capture the spirit of the king of beer and the brewery as well as the pride of the brewing tradition. At the end of the programme all of the groups gathered in the place where they took their team brewing photo and continued the party with a tasting of products from Laško brewery as well as a honey beer brewed for the occasion. With the honey beer the programme was made even more in tune with the local environment since the region is also well known for its beekeeping. The programme of the assembly concluded with a honey-inspired dinner.

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