The company Thermana undertook a complete information renovation aimed at connecting services and monitoring guest behaviour in 2009. Their goal was an integrated information system aimed at gathering new information as well as business process management.

In cooperation with Špica they established a system of access monitoring VingCard, used at every point of interaction with the guests. The card system was first installed at hotel rooms’ entries, where classic locks ware replaced by contactless ones. The system also manages access to common guest spaces, pools, parking spaces and is linked to the hotel’s information system. The new system was first installed at hotel Hum and later at Hotel Zdravilišče Laško and Hotel Wellness Laško.

A unified card system ensures a high standard of services. Besides privacy and security of rooms and common spaces, the system enables a simplified way of accessing the secured parking lot and wellness centre. The same card also enables cash free payments. The guests therefore experience a pleasant stay with unlimited use of services, activities and accessing spaces.

The new card system facilitated most of the work processes – the reception was relieved of data entry, since the data is automatically transferred to the card system, which then generates the card by itself. The hotel staff therefore has more time for the guests. Simultaneously the gathered data improves the client relations management (CRM). By introducing the access control Time&Space and connecting it with the VingCard the company can now access accurate data for salaries calculation and thereby reduces the operations costs. Optimisation of human resources management saves at least a day and half of work for each manager.

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