The Culinary House Jezeršek Catering was faced with a special new challenge and honour:  the opening of the largest restaurant in the world. Unfortunately, only for one day, but still. For the celebration of the liberation of Ljubljana, 70. years of the liberation front, the hike around Ljubljana, Triples run and the official commemoration.  All of these are the reasons the Culinary House Jezeršek Catering opened the biggest restaurant in the world for a day at Slovenska street in Ljubljana on May 7th. The preparations started early in the morning and at 1 p.m. the 17,000 m2 restaurant opened its doors in the centre of Ljubljana.  The tables were covered with elegant white tablecloths and were spread from Figovec to Nama. The view of the centre of Ljubljana was splendid. The offer was magnificent yet simple; the main role was played by the well known “Kranjska klobasa”.  They prepared it for 10,000 people. Hikers, sportsmen and random visitors stopped for a refreshment at the restaurant on this sunny holiday.  The friendly staff of Culinary House Jezeršek Catering made sure nobody went hungry. 

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