Slovenia celebrated its 20th birthday on Friday, 24th of June 2011. To this end the Karantanija Hall at Hotel Lev was host to a ceremonial session of the Main Committee of the Association for the Values of the Slovenian Independence. “Today is not a time for dreaming; we must wake up,” the session was told by the prime minister of the first Slovenian democratic government, Mr. Lojze Peterle. Among the other keynote speakers were Mr. Igor Bavčar, Dr. Dimitrij Rupel and Mr. Janez Janša. The accompanying arts programme at the event, which drew wide media coverage, included the Sotočje Octet, Slovenski Octet and the Skala Ensemble.
The preparations saw Hotel Lev prepare the layout of the hall and service in line with the rules of protocol. Hotel Lev was delighted and honoured to have been entrusted with hosting such an important event.

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