Slovenia has a long-lasting tradition as far as environmental protection is concerned. One of the most obvious case studies for this is Bohinj glacial valley with broader Triglav National Park area. Such delicate surroundings put pressure on tourism development in general; soon the only possible form related to this particular area will be: sustainable tourism or even merely its most distinguished form – ecological tourism.

Bohinj Park ECO Hotel has been built with highest awareness of the environment and is as such, at the moment, one of the most advanced and energy efficient hotels in central Europe. In May 2010 it has officially become the 1st ecological resort in Slovenia with the prestigious Green Globe certificate.

Categorizing ecological hotels Green Globe estimation is based upon 5 areas of criteria: Energy (impact on the environment), water (water consumption and recycling, dealing with waste water), waste (garbage disposal and separation, recycling), eco activities (education, workshops) and nature protection (organic cleaning, use of natural materials). The extensive list of criteria must be fulfilled and re-certified every two years, which substantiates that all Green Globe members continually progress and improve their environmental sustainability strategies.

When considering the comfort of business clients, the ambience of the meeting rooms is further enhanced. Not only the high-quality natural materials used for providing best energy efficiency are incorporated, but also the meeting rooms are further designed for providing the best food for the brain – fresh and clean air! Natural wood, stone and glass and a special air circulation system ensure that the attendees of any event will feel refreshed during their sessions. No doubt all of these are just few of the reasons why this venue has already been internationally awarded for providing the possibility of sustainable events organization.

Since it was built in 2009, the ecological building has been proclaimed as the most frequently awarded Hotel. Among noticeable recognitions from the general and professional public are: Green role model in tourism (STO, 2009), Turistićka prizma for innovation in tourism (Novi Sad, 2009), Energetic building and Energetic manager of the year (IJS and Finance magazine, 2010), Green Globe certificate (Green Globe Society, 2010), Zlati Sejalec (STO, 2010), Conventa Award for innovation in congress activities – implementation of sustainable events management on broader South-East European area (Conventa Academy, 2011).

Bohinj Park ECO Hotel is now expanding under the unifying brand named 2864. The historical number represents the height of Triglav, Slovenian highest mountain and signifies a unique, protective, familiar path. Symbolic value of the prominent mountain peak, expressed through its altitude, serves as a lasting inspiration and incentive for a genuine, sustainable vision and philosophy, communicated by the company through a 3-minute film, starring the Hotel director Anže Čokl himself (may already be seen at

On Triglavska road 17 in Bohinjska Bistrica, where Bohinj Park ECO Hotel now stans, there used to be the first Slovenian alpine hotel, named Triglav (founded in 1912). The vision of the eco resort, being fond of tradition and aiming for development with innovative spirit, shares its founding virtues with the four lionhearted men, who first conquered Triglav summit back in the year 1778: Bravery – since paving new paths is an uncertain venture, Persistence – the road to success involves pits and falls, Nature conservation – basic surviving drive of mankind and Authenticity – only true passion creates lasting headway.

2864 is an ecological, sustainable resort. Apart from the hotel, congress centre, wellness, sauna park and aquapark with indoor and outdoor swimming pools, it has already started the project of building an eco ski-resort and bike park with the longest ski slopes in Slovenia, only 200 meters away from the Hotel.

The secret behind 2864’s story does not end high up in the mountain kingdom. The path is crucial. Inspired by nature’s power to grow and create, they tread wisely in Bohinj: In the interest of keeping lasting memories they create transient trails in nature. The brand 2864 not only represents one of Europe’s most advanced ecological properties, moreover it aims to set general foundations of sustainable development in Slovene tourism.

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