The Conventa Trade Show is the most important meetings industry event in Southeast Europe, therefore the editorial board of Kongres Magazine have decided to introduce some of the most important findings from the survey the organisers conducted after the event with both hosted buyers and exhibitors.

Rating marks: 5 – Excellent, 4 – Good, 3 – Adequate, 2 – Poor, 1 – Very poor

Hosted Buyer Response

Main reasons for attending Conventa

As the main reason for attending the Conventa Trade Show the hosted buyers listed ‘one to one meetings’ and the presentation of Southeast Europe’s meetings industry offer in one place. We can conclude that hosted buyers perceive Conventa as a trade show representing and presenting the offer of the entire region.

Presentation of Southeast Europe’s meetings industry offer in one place28.0%
One to one meetings between exhibitors and buyers29.8%
Fam trips18.0%


The level of satisfaction with the fam trips

All the destinations scored highly and achieved at least a 4. In Slovenia, Bled was a stand out, with an exceptionally high mark, as was Dubrovnik in Croatia.

Ljubljana, Zagreb, Portoroz and Piran, Lake Bled, Opatija and Rijeka, Dubrovnik, Montenegro4.4


Possibility of placing future business in…

We can assume the destinations which reached the highest marks had the best presentation and offer and that the infrastructure in the region is still slightly worse than other conditions for the development of the meetings industry.

The destination                                                                                                            4.3
The hotel/s4.1
The venue/s4
The activities4


Ratings of the following aspects of Conventa

The hosted buyers rated all the aspects of the trade show as good. The quality of the exhibitors and networking opportunities stand out on the positive side. On the negative side we find the education programme, one that is slowly developing at Conventa but still can’t be compared with larger trade shows. The organisers of the trade show don’t focus so strongly on this aspect of the trade show, as the exhibitors and hosted buyers consider it of lesser importance. Only 7 % of exhibitors feel this is one of the most important reasons to visit Conventa.

Overall reputation                                                                                                               4.4
Quality of companies exhibiting4.5
Quality of educational and events programme4.2
Networking opportunities4.5
Conventa sustainable measures4.3



Exhibitors Answers

Main reasons for exhibiting at Conventa

Here the biggest stand out are the ‘one to one meetings’, the anticipated response, as it is the main goal of the trade show. We have also noticed that the exhibitors increasingly recognise Conventa as a regional trade show.

Presentation of the offer in one place                                                                            27.3%
One to one meetings between exhibitors and buyers                                                  45.5%
Education opportunities7.3%


Conventa itself being a ‘must attend event’ for the meeting industry of Southeast Europe

96 % of the exhibitors perceive Conventa as a ‘must attend event’. This leads us to believe that Conventa is growing in the right direction.

Agree completely                                                                                                                                258%
Agree strongly                                                                                                                          516%
Agree to some extent194%
Disagree to some extent32%
Disagree strongly0%


The level of exhibitors satisfaction

Friendliness and effectiveness of show organisers and registration procedure stand out in this section. In general we can conclude the exhibitors are very happy with the work of the organisers.

Effectiveness and timeliness in communication4.4
Friendliness and effectiveness of the show organiser4.7
Registration procedure at the show4.7
Quality of trade show layout and booth location4.6
Overall satisfaction with the show4.4


Ratings of each following aspect of Conventa

Overall reputation4.4
Relevance of visitors to your business4.0
Quality of visitors4.0
Quantity of other companies exhibiting4.2
Quality of educational and events programme4.2
Networking opportunities4.4
Conventa sustainable measures4.4

The exhibitors rated most highly the networking and sustainable measures of Conventa, with lowest ratings going to the quality and adequacy of the hosted buyers. These results can be explained in exhibitors being difficult to please in the area of hosted buyer quality. We can also point out that compared to Conventa 2011, the satisfaction with hosted buyers jumped from 3.7 to 4.0, indicating that the organisers spent a lot of time on inviting the right hosted buyers.


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