Fans of cycling can, in the Heart of Slovenia, in an area in the heart of the country, choose between 32 new bicycle paths, which in the cycling guide is titled “With bicycles to the Heart of Slovenia” issued by the Centre for Development Litija. Bike paths are also connected with paths towards Dolenjska and Ljubljana.

Paths of different difficulty levels are held in the area between the Kamnik Alps and Dolenjska hills and are connecting areas of municipalities of the Heart of Slovenia. There is 1448 kilometers of the total path length for as much as 91 hours of cycling. The guide on trekking, family, road and mountain biking trails also offers over 100 tips for sightseeing natural beauties and other attractions. There is also a detailed map with mapped cycle routes and sites that are worth visiting on the way.

The cycling guide is available on a new tourism portal of the area Visitors can also see the area with a motorhome (camper) as the Heart of Slovenia is the first caravanning destination in Slovenia. Great emphasis is also placed on locally produced food that is available to guests on the farms, which are included in the network of stations for campers.

The brand “The Heart of Slovenia« is developed by the Centre for Development Litija, which is connecting tourist, business and environmental potentials rounded in the area of the Heart of Slovenia. It encourages entrepreneurial breakthrough of the countryside, safeguarding of the natural environment and local self-sufficiency and fosters an active role of the population.


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