The Hotel Kempinski is, simply put, a great hotel. After the renovation it not only offers to guests superior services at Kempinski
standards, but also has a unique look and style that reflects its legendary character and Habsburg elegance. In addition, at the hotel they understand the concept of hospitality at the very highest level extremely well.

It’s hard to find faults, perhaps the only disturbing thing is the arrangement of the coastal stretch, which with the quality of its offer does not reflect the prestigious hotel, but this is not the problem of the hotel, but rather of the development of Portorose tourism. And maybe also the prices of prestigious wines that are overpriced on the otherwise exceptional wine list.

The hotel is an excellent choice for automotive premieres. Because of the above it is no surprise that the prestigious car manufacturer Mercedes chose it for the global launch of its A-Class model.awaken euphoria because of architecture, but more because of the functionality it offers. At the same time it also does not disappoint, because it is a combination of modernism and functionality that makes all rooms have views of the Bay of Piran.