What are you most proud of in business…?
The Certificate of Excellence (TripAdvisor)
The mark of quality for hotel restaurant (Municipality of Ljubljana)
The best business hotel in Slovenia (InYourPocket guide)
The most luxurious hotel in Slovenia (Luxury Travel Guide)
The best luxurious ‘city hotel’ (World Luxury Hotel Awards)

This year has only just started and the renowned World Luxury Hotel Awards has again nominated us for the regional and global award in the best luxurious ‘city hotel’ and Business Destinations magazine has selected us for the most luxurious hotel in Slovenia. According to the largest web tourism portal, CUBO hotel is 16th among 25 the best hotels in Europe. We have also received the “European finest hotels” award.

… and privately?
Rock and Roll days in Hound Dog, where we co-created the rock and roll scene in Slovenia. Nowadays I practice slightly more easy sports. For instance jumping fences with a horse. The third thing is that I have learned to play a guitar, despite my lack of talent.

Wisdom / motto?
Do not cover yourself up to your neck if it means your feet are left uncovered. A day spent in company is a day well spent.

Where are you going to spend this year’s holiday?
I’ve already spent one week skiing. The second part I would like to spend in Baška, on the island Krk, where they have high rocks for diving into water.

What was your favourite vacation?
Going by motorcycle to the largest rock festivals in Europe.

Where would you go if there were no time and financial constraints?
To the moon, well I’m also tempted to go to Mars. I’ve heard that Andromeda is also very interesting.

What is your favourite indoor / outdoor activity?
Cooking for a lot of guests / with a horse in nature.

What is your favourite dish and restaurant (anywhere in the world)?
Scampi buzara and local cheese in the Tri maruna tavern on the island of Krk. The mama and mother in law hotels are also great.

What is your favourite gadget?
Guitar tuner, and, well, apple products are also nice.

Which song do you most often play on your iPod?
Verdi’s Nabucco; the assembly of slaves.

Which part of the day and of the week is your favourite?
When I look in the hotel programme and see full occupancy. During the week each day is interesting in its own way; Monday because of the guitar, Tuesday because of the dancing, Wednesday because of the horse, Thursday because of visits to the Ljubljana Drama, weekends because of excursions.

What is your favourite mode of transport?
Depends on where I am going. To the mountains on foot, to work by bus, going skiing by car, to nature with the horse. I also like the parachute.

If you could return to the past or hurry to the future, how old would you like to be, and why?
The 20ies were crazy but the 30ies are the best. Still enough power, youth and craziness, and everyone is taking you seriously enough.

If you could witness any event in history, which one would you choose?
There are quite a few of these. The Woodstock rock festival 1969, the discovery of America on the 17th April 1492, the Milano La Scala premiere of Nabucco on the 9th March 1842…

What was the best party you ever attended?
Acceptance among pioneers.

Your last film, book and concert?
Les Miserables. Charles Bukowski: Women. Šentjernej wind Orchestra.

What fantasy character would you be?
Robin Hood.

What did you learn to do last week?
About the attractions and features of Bela krajina and how they dry ham in the Dolenjska region.


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A long-time meetings industry addict, Gorazd is the Founder and owner of marketing and event agency Toleranca Marketing. He has many years of experience in planning, preparing and carrying out large international meetings and exhibitions. As the founder of the "Power to the Meetings" methodology, he still firmly believes in the power of live events and human to human communication. He is also the author of numerous articles and editor-in-chief of the meetings industry magazine Kongres Magazine.