One of the leading European adventure parks. Rafting, canyoning and more outdoor adventures, events and water fun at the outdoor park in Tyrol.





Name:AREA 47
Location:Ötztaler Achstraße 1, A-6430 Ötztal Bahnhof
Operator:Area 47 Betriebs GmbH.
High elements in the park:High Rope Course, Mega Swing, Flying Fox, Climbing Wall, Cliffdiving, Water Ramp
Other fixed elements in the park:Water Area and Outdoor Area (see special features), Ötztal Dome, Riverhaus, Lakeside Restaurant, Rafting Base
The price per participant:From €8,- (Climbing Wall) to €104 (Canyoning Acapulco Line)
Instructors in the park:All highly qualified guides for different Areas (Outdoor Area, Water Area)
Professional teambuilding programs:YES - Individual team building packages offered in cooperation with the company teamday
Special features:Outdoor Area: 66,000 m2, Mega Swing 27m, Flying Fox 350m, High Rope Course 27m, rafting at Ötztaler Ache, the worldcup circuit, Canyoning Auerklamm 15m, Climbing Wall 27m, world’s leading electric motocross park. Water Area: 20,000 m2, Blobbing, Water Ramp 18m, Hydrospeed Slide, Slide Park with Freefall Slide 80km/h, Cliffdiving 2, 5, 10 and 27m, Canonball, Wakeboard Park, Slacklines, Trampoline, Box Gym, Adidas Deep Water Soloing, Playground Beach Volleyball and Soccer. Event Area: Ötztal Dome 8,000 pax, River Haus 400 pax. Living Area: Double Rooms, Lodges, wooden Tipis, 300 beds.
Benefits:A European leading adventure park
Access to the park:Car: Highway Ötztal.Train: Ötztal Bahnhof. Plane: Innsbruck, Salzburg, Munich, Friedrichshafen, Bozen
Parking:YES: by the park
Other sports and fun activities:YES: See special features
Catering services:YES: Lakeside Restaurant: 500 pax, market restaurant, terrace by the lake
Closest accommodation:In the park. Living Area (300 beds)
Closest meetings facilities:In the park. Meeting Lodge (120 pax, technical equipment, catering, made of wood)
Tourist attractions (within a radius of 1 km):Ötztal Valley
The park's advantages:One of the leading European adventure parks

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