The Otočec Adventure Park is an adventurous trail along the forest, but not on the ground! Visitors are lifted up into the treetops where they commence their exciting climbing journey among the trees along the range made up of bridges, ladders, nets and other props.






Location:Grajska cesta 2, 8222 Otočec
Operator:Terme Krka, d.o.o., Novo mesto
High elements in the park:Blue track; 14 elements; 5 – 7 m
Other fixed elements in the park:Yellow track; 9 elements; 1,5-2,5 m Orange track; 15 elements; 3-3,5 m Green track; 7 elements; 4-6 m
The price per participant:16 EUR (individual) 14 EUR (groups)
Instructors in the park:14 - All instructors hold ERCA licences
Professional teambuilding programs:YES - In cooperation with outsourced professionals
Special features:
Benefits:Park is next to the Hotel, Restraurant and Seminar room. Only adventure park between Ljubljana and Zagreb. Only 45 min from Ljubljana or Zagreb
Access to the park:CAR: motorway Ljubljana-Zagreb (exit Otočec);
Parking:YES by the park
Other sports and fun activities:YES: Golf, tennis, fitness, saunas, cycling, hiking, skike, massages, sports days for schools and businesses, swimming
Catering services:YES, Restraurant Šport Hotel
Closest accommodation:At location: Hotel Šport **** Otočec (86 rooms); Castle Hotel***** Otočec ( 16 rooms)
Closest meetings facilities:At location: Seminar room up to 140 people
Tourist attractions (within a radius of 1 km):Castle Otočec, Castle Struga
The park's advantages:Otočec; Castle Otočec; nature; golf;