The goal of this Symposium is to bring together researchers from academia and industry as well as practitioners to share ideas, problems and solutions relating various aspects of buckwheat production, usage, breeding, quality and many more.

The Congress Centre in Thermana Laško officially launched 12. International Symposium on buckwheat. At the opening, the participants were addressed by prof.dr. Ivan Kreft, IBRA Chairman and Director of the Institute for corned culture in Orel, dr. Vladimir Zotikov, prof.dr. Robert Zorec, dr. Blanka Vombergar, Secretary of State mag. Tanja Strniša, Mayor of Laško Franci Zdolšek and CEO of Thermana mag. Andrej Bošnjak. International symposium on buckwheat is organized every three years and has so far held in different countries from Japan, China, Korea, Russia to Canada. The first International symposium on buckwheat was organized by prof. Ivan Kreft in 1980. That’s when they founded the International Buckwheat Research (IBRA).  Today, after 33 years, the Symposium is held in Slovenia.

In Thermana they prepared an offer for the participants on the theme buckwheat. In addition to Laško honey pie with warmed cream they enriched their restaurant offer with buckwheat dishes. And last but not least, some of these valuable plants already bloom around hotels.


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