Q: What are you most proud of in your business and private lives? 
In the business sphere I would definitely highlight the people I have met over the past years through B2B and educational events abroad and in Slovenia, since cooperation and/or the joint planning of activities creates bonds. With some of my colleagues the business relations have even developed into what I believe is a life-long friendship, so this is a valuable addition to what my job has given me and one of the advantages of the events industry. We are privileged to meet lots of great and open-minded individuals and we can learn a lot one from another.

In my private life I would point out my family, which supports me in good and bad times and believes, like I do, that no matter what happens you always have to get up and continue your way. Everything happens for a reason, even if you don’t see it now, it will come out later.

Q: Life wisdom/motto?
Do the best you can do in whatever you’re trying to do and never give up. Success is not by Chance, it’s by Choice. There is always a rainbow at the end of every rainstorm.

Q: Where are you going to spend this year’s holiday?
I’ve already spent a part of it this summer, however I plan to “escape” another time during the wintertime. I would like to go somewhere warm, and the perfect scenario would be: after one week of trekking and exploring the nature, one-week of relaxation on the beach, diving and enjoying in a nice company, possibly somewhere in Latin America or Thailand.

Q: What was your favourite vacation?
Actually, when I look back it does not matter where and how far I have traveled, as I have always most enjoyed holidays spent with my friend near a village in Istria (Croatia), named Ližnjan. There is no better way to recharge the batteries than a “Robinson environment”J.  Keep it simple – in a camping caravan, with no electricity and gsm signal, let alone Internet, but just good company, seafood, sea, sun and stars. Bottom line: we don’t need much to be happy.

Q: Where would you go if there were no time and financial constraints?
Since I was a small child, my dream has been traveling around the world, spending time with locals from different continents, being in touch with their authentic culture, interacting with them. Since my secret hobby is photography, I would like to catch images of their life and present them in a photo reportage.

Q: What is your favourite indoor/outdoor activity?
I like dancing, different kinds of aerobics, yoga and mediation. I also love books, so reading is one of the things I enjoy doing in the evenings. Since I love nature, mountaineering is very high on my list, followed by cycling and swimming (in the sea, of course). I am definitely open to new challenges and trying some more adrenaline sports would be interesting. I’ve been tempted by kiting for a while, so maybe it’s time to take a step and give it a try…

Q: What is you favourite dish and restaurant (anywhere in the world)?
I love food in general. It’s hard to choose, one as I have quite a few favourites. I especially like Bosnian, Italian and Thai cuisine. In general, I am always curious to try something new. Still, the best restaurant is my mum’s kitchen. Following a step or two behind, shells at the konoba Lokanda-Peskarija in Dubrovnik and an exquisite tuna steak at the restaurant Blu in Rovinj (both Croatia).

Q: What is you favourite gadget?
Ok, I confess it’s my smart phone, sad but true.

Q: Which song do you most often play on your iPod?
David Guetta – She Wolf (Falling to Pieces) ft.Sia.

Q: Which part of the day and of the week is your favourite?
I like mornings, I think we are more productive then. Evenings can be great because of sports activities, socialising with friends or just reading a nice book and relaxing. Every day in the week can be special, it mainly depends if you succeed in doing what you plan / wish to do. Yet weekends are my favourite time, particularly when they bring the prospect I will  do/try/explore something new/different.

Q: What is your favourite mode of transport?
Well, it all depends where I am going. Definitely I spend the most time in my car, although I prefer walking and cycling.

Q: If you could return to the past or hurry to the future, how old would you like to be, and why?
Honestly I am satisfied with my current age and the era in which we are living. I have learnt a lot from the past and I know I will be able to best use my experiences in times ahead. Therefore I am looking forward to the future with no rush or big anticipation, as everything happens when the time is right. We should just learn to enjoy each day and be capable of finding beauty and happiness, also in short moments or small things.

Q: If you could witness any event in history which one would you choose?
It would be interesting to live in the time of ancient Egypt. Since I’ve traveled there, I was and still remain impressed by pyramids, sarcophaguses, pharaos and the mystique of ancient traditions.

Q: What was the best party you have attended?
Summer Solstice at Stonehenge, Great Britain.

Q: The last film, book, concert?
Already for at least 5th time – Gladiator. A very interesting recent reading is “Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of The Wild Woman Archetype” by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. I have attended a couple of outdoor concerts in downtown Ljubljana this summer, either in the frame of the Ljubljana Festival, or going to events staged in the public areas. Our capital city is really smashing in the warm season!

Q: What fantasy character would you be?
I can imagine myself as Catwoman.

Q: What did you learn last week?
How to prepare the best omelette…. How to deal with fear in the rocks. ….At the end, it’s all in the head, however you try to explain it…. Only those people that really care stay in your life forever, no matter what happens along the way. And we should just let go the rest ….

 SHORT CV: Azra Botonjić


Azra Botonjič obtained her experiences in tourism during her study years as a representative of the Crystal Holidays Tour operator from Great Britain, at the Globtour tourist agency as well as in other tourist companies. Her first full-time job was that of a project manager in the developmental department of the hospitality consulting company Hosting.


Her career led her to Zagreb in Croatia, where she worked on the hospitality projects of the Spanish and Croatian consulting company HMS-International for three years. Upon returning to Slovenia and working at the Austria Trend Hotel Ljubljana in the sales and marketing department for a few months, she found a new challenge in the marketing activities of the Slovenian Convention Bureau. She successfully finished the ECM Summer School and DMAI Sales Training I & II and gained Destination Pro certificate. Working in a small team, she is involved in all development projects of the Slovenian Convention Bureau.




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